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and we'll give you a completely personalized plan to achieve the body and lifestyle you want. It's that simple.


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Our effective 12 week men's health and fitness program gets results through:

A progressive strength and conditioning routine that delivers results, no matter your starting point.

A complete and custom nutrition guide to help you lose fat, re-gain energy and focus while enjoying delicious meals.

A 7-day mindset program that sets this program apart and is a key part of success.


Are you...

  • A father, husband or career driven individual with a demanding schedule that leaves little to no time left in the day for yourself or to stay on track with your exercise or nutrition habits?

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of available (and conflicting) fitness information and don't know where or how to start despite having health and fitness goals?

  • Inconsistent schedule with travel or social obligations making it hard to break old habits and establish good ones?

  • Worried that diet means eating like a rabbit, full of restriction, boredom and will consume too much time and effort?

  • Discouraged or frustrated because exercising feels too difficult, confusing or unsustainable for your lifestyle?

  • Experiencing stress, low energy or lack the inspiration to get going (or sticking to) a program?

  • Unable to pay for a personal trainer but want the personalized training a coach provides?


If this sounds like you, let us take the guesswork out. 


What's  included:



A personalized program developed for you and your schedule that starts with a phone or Skype call with a real trainer.

Progressive, plateau busting strength training that stems from years of research and practice delivered through an app.

A workout regimen that meets any starting point all at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

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A complete nutritional guideline packet based on your requirements and preferences along 4 PROVEN strategies that will boost your day and mood with healthy foods and learn daily recovery practices.

Find out why the men who have taken this program LOVE their nutritional lifestyle that fuels, satisfies and delivers fat burning results, fast!

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Create and maintain discipline with a complete 7-day Mindset Renewal Guide.

Reduce stress and increase inner well-being with a renewed outlook, along with better disciplinary lifestyle and sleep habits.

Identify your own strengths and weaknesses and develop an easy-to-apply disciplinary mindset to ensure lasting results.

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Unlimited access to our resources and guidelines documents any time you need them.

Monthly coaching calls and access to your trainer via instant message or through weekly email support if questions arise.

Motivational and peer support with a closed Busy Man FB group.


Expertise you can trust.

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This program was created and refined by Sean Ferguson, NASM: CPT, FNS, CES, PES, after seeing family and friends struggle with other training programs. With his span of over 12 years in the industry as a professional, Sean has gained an in depth base of knowledge of the body and fitness. Along the way he realized a missing component to most other plans that were focused heavily on just working out and not much else. By blending a combination of training, nutrition AND mindset, you can get effective, life-shifting results that create lifestyle habits that are designed to stick around for much longer than 90 days.

Communication, education, trust and accountability are key elements in helping you develop the right mindset to keep you on the path towards achieving your goals, and Sean's program was designed to do just that. 

Sean' s accreditation’s include:

  • National Academy of Sports and Medicine: CPT, PES, FNS, CES

  • Advanced Core Training Specialist

  • TRX Suspension Level 1


Results you can see


"I've gained a better understanding of how nutrition and exercise work together in conditioning my body. Sean is a great motivator w/o the typical overbearing trainer mentality." 

- David L. 38 y.o.

"If you want to not only get results but learn how to lead a healthy life long term, then Sean is your guide. He will inspire, challenge and push you to your best version of yourself." 

- Mike F. 40 y.o.

"Sean not only helped me lose weight and 15 + inches, but I re-gained self-actualization and was able to face many of my fears all because of his empowering program"

Alex S. 45 y.o.


Get the benefits of having a personal trainer, without the price tag.

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Not happy? No problem.

Give it a try. We are so confident with our program, we know you are going to love it. So, if you are not happy after your full commitment to the program, we will give you your money back. It's that simple.


Frequently asked questions



What results can I expect to achieve in 90 days?

There's typically only a certain amount of body-fat % loss and/or lean mass increase that an individual can safely see within 90 days. However, every person has a different starting point, so the results depend on their current composition and fitness level. I've had men lose up to 1% BF per week until their desired look. I've seen guys gain 1-1.5% their body weight in muscle per month.  



How can I be sure the workouts will be effective if it's designed for beginners and someone used to working out a lot?

I would consider myself an advanced weight lifter and the three men in the testimonials started out as either beginners or intermediate levels. In my own case or those just starting out in the gym, it is the training variables I provide for you that guarantee you results and to help you finally break through stubborn plateaus. 

This is because the new demand you'll be placing on your body with these variables, which are relevant to all fitness levels, coupled with consistently applying them over time, means that you will be forcing your body and muscles to adapt - inevitably creating change and growth.



Will I have to eat like a "rabbit" to see results?


No you don't. My 4 strategy system allows you to enjoy the foods you love while still seeing results. You will learn quickly that as long as the majority of the time you are incorporating healthier food options you can still easily have a burger, some wings or your favorite beverage without derailing your results.  

Once you learn how my system works and how to balance in your typical meal plan with the occasional social events or nights out, you'll be able to stay on track for your goals and for a lifetime. 



Do I need access to a gym to be successful with this program?

No. Having access to a gym with equipment is great but it is not absolutely vital. To gain strength and even add some muscle, you need at least your body weight; any additional equipment is a plus (a few pairs of db's, a Swiss ball and yoga mat is all you'll need). 

To lose fat you need to consistently eat healthy the majority of the time, be better rested and have less stress. My system helps you with a custom plan to address all those areas in a way that is approachable and doable for your busy lifestyle.  



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