➡ STEP 02

Last bit

Until our consultation, please give us a bit more information to understand who you are, what you’re looking to accomplish with this program, any potential challenges, preferences and any other useful information we will need to get you the results you want such as your favorite color or chick flick.

Additionally, do you sit at a desk? Do you have a standing desk? Eat lunch there, too?
If you haven't seen any of them, shame on you, ok fine what is your favorite movie?
To your knowledge, do you currently have any of the following conditions outlined below?
(PLEASE NOTE: We may request a medical certificate, as it will help in preventing further injury)
In a 12 week time span, with 100% dedication, what do you want to be able to do?
Please be specific as possible, including any details. Think about the why behind this.
Are you willing to dedicate yourself 100% to this program if selected? *
How much are you willing to financially invest in achieving the body, results and goals you want?
Do you have access to a gym?
If you don't have access to all of the equipment, are you willing to invest in them?
If No, do you have access to the following pieces of equipment?
NOTE: the following pieces of equipment are beneficial for an at-home training program, but are not necessary.

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